COVID-19 Interventions
Simulate the impact of custom non-pharmaceutical interventions on the dynamics of COVID-19.

The Interventions Dashboard is an MVP we put together for Google in 2020. Under tight time constraints (3-4 weeks), we managed to complete our objective: successfully reproduce an R-Shiny dashboard, strictly using the tools of Plotly and Dash!

This Web App is coded in Python and is leveraging both the open-source Dash library and the Dash Design Kit, Plotly’s Enterprise solution.

The original app, which is part of a broader project consisting of many dashboards and predictive models, focuses on “[USA] state and county-level insight into the dynamics of COVID-19 regarding hospital capacity, PPE, and non-pharmaceutical interventions” [1]. Due to our scope and rapid development time, we agreed to only use mock data and limit user selection to only 3 states: California, New York, and Washington.

And after many long days, a couple feedback sessions with the team, and one "memorable" all-nighter, it was complete! 🙌

[1] - Sourced from the description of the c19-modeling-tools GitHub Repo