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We are a boutique consulting and software development company specializing in the Dash and Plotly frameworks.

As the Plotly and Dash frameworks have risen in popularity, a need for expert consulting and software development emerged in the space.

Zyphr was created to fill this gap.


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Dashboard Development

We code up your Dash apps from start to finish: MVPs, dashboards, and scientific tools are among our products. We even use Dash Design Kit for power users.

Data-Driven Design

Unlock meaningful insights from your data with the right designs. We help you pick your visualizations, route intuitive user flows, and handle all detailed CSS.

Code Review

Ensure you're using the best Dash practices. We bulletproof your callbacks for optimal performance, and adhere to PEP-8 Python standards.

Pair Programming

We can brainstorm features and work together in your tech stack of choice. We’re a quick Slack huddle away.


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Adam Kulidjian

As Plotly's former lead and #3 highest contributor to Plotly's Python Library, Adam contributed many key features to the library including gantt charts, sploms, and county choropleths. He served as the core contributor of the Plotly Python library for 3 years, pushing the total downloads to over 3 million.

Adam holds a B.Sc. in Mathematics from McGill University.


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COVID-19 Interventions
Simulate the impact of custom non-pharmaceutical interventions on the dynamics of COVID-19.
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With the clever algorithm and component Zyphr delivered, I feel like I finally have all the tools at my disposal to build exactly the app I need for the project at hand. I am still amazed at everything that has been done in such a short time.

Laurier Demers
Engineer, Hydro-QuΓ©bec

Zyphr worked with us to understand the kernel of the needed application, and aided in the brainstorming process to deliver a product which smartly used system constraints

Niall O'Dowd Ph.D
CEO, Additive Monitoring Systems

It's not hyperbole to say that we would not be where we are as a company without Zyphr's support. Their thorough understanding of the platform is a key asset, but it's their obsessive attention to detail that sets them apart.

Kyle Owens
CEO, TrendLine

Zyphr team has incredibly talented Python developers that can guide you and help you realize your product vision. It was their structured thinking that enabled us to develop scalable solutions much faster. In essense, Zyphr is a great find.

Nagarajan Sankrithi Ph.D
CTO, Healthcare Integrative Solutions
The Company We Keep

Our clients consist of Fortune 500 companies and start-ups across several industries: Healthcare, Fintech, NGOs, Solar Power, Oil & Gas, Integrated Circuits, and more.

Here are some of our current and former clients:

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